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Students use the Student Jobs Site to access thousands of part-time employment opportunities at UW-Madison as well as with businesses and families within the local community. Students find meaningful opportunities to support their educational pursuits and lifestyle while also gaining critical professional and personal skills. Positions are posted on Student Jobs throughout the year and the site is updated daily, for jobs during both the academic year and summer terms. Students seeking internships and full-time professional career opportunities should use Handshake.

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Student Employment Updates

  • UW Student Job Fair September 13th

    Come to the UW-Madison Student Job Fair to connect with UW-Madison departments and organizations and explore the various job openings available. This job fair is open to all enrolled UW-Madison students. Tuesday September 13th 2022 …

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Student Testimonials

“My UW-Madison student job has helped me hone in on what I am passionate about and want to spend my time doing, on top of discovering what I don’t like, both in a job and beyond!”

“Working on campus offers an incredibly convenient work environment. Not only is it conveniently placed, but your UW-Madison employer is also happy to support your busy schedule. Student employers understand that there is a lot on any given student’s plate, so they are more than happy to accommodate you work schedule with your class schedule, personal life, and general well-being.”

“UW-Madison student jobs will teach you about interactions with people and customers working in the real world. The skills you will learn on the job are invaluable and can be transferred to any job you will have in the future.”