Job Placement Programs

Federal Work-Study Direct Placement Program


Must have an accepted Federal Work-Study offer within your Financial Aid package during the Academic Year.


Provides employment opportunities for Academic Year and/or Summer at a variety of community-partners within Dane County as well as select UW-Madison Departments for eligible students. Through this program, it is our goal to streamline the process of getting students connected to a meaningful opportunity to earn their Federal Work-Study offer. Students interested in Summer Direct Placement, are not required to be enrolled during the Summer Term to participate, but must plan to be enrolled in the subsequent Autumn term.

Summer Transfer Employment Program (STEP)


Must have transferred to UW-Madison in either the Fall or Spring terms.


Provides employment opportunities during the Summer Term at a variety of UW-Madison Departments, with the opportunity to continue working into the next Academic year. Through this program, it is our goal to streamline the process for new transfer students to get connected to meaningful student employment opportunities. We believe these employment opportunities not only can support educational pursuits, but also allow for the ability to connect to campus. Eligible students are not required to be enrolled in classes over the summer term to participate.

Get Started

Step 1: Submit Application of Interest

The Direct Placement programs have been paused at this time, and are not currently accepting applications.

Students eligible will receive an email with a link to the application of interest. The Application of Interest is our way of collecting student preferences to facilitate the matching process. We do ask for a resume as well as a rank order of the students preferences based on the available opportunities. All available opportunities can be seen, with descriptions, on the Application of Interest. If you did not receive the application of interest email and are eligible and interested in applying for the program, please contact

Step 2: Receive an Opportunity

Our team will review your preferences & resume to try and connect the student with the best possible available opportunity. Some opportunities may require a quick interview to help determine the best potential role for the student. Once the matching is completed, the student will receive an offer within their Student Jobs profile (and via email) to review the job description and accept.

Step 3: Accept Opportunity

Once the student has received the right opportunity for them, all that is needed is to accept the offer in their Student Jobs profile and complete the New Hire Form. Once both of these items are completed their new supervisor will reach out to begin the on-boarding process!

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