LEAP Forward Internship

The LEAP Forward Internship Program is a 6 week paid internship for current MMSD Health Sciences Pathways sophomores. It is hosted by UW-Madison in collaboration with the Madison Metropolitan School District & Personalized Pathways efforts. As a LEAP Forward Intern, you will not only gain key practical experiences within the field of Health Sciences, but will also gain exposure to the opportunities which exist for you beyond High School, whether at UW-Madison or elsewhere. Apply now to become a UW-Madison student for 6 weeks while gaining critical hands-on experience through this LEAP Forward Internship.


What is LEAP Forward?

LEAP Forward is focused on providing an exceptional paid experience not only at the work-site but also while on-campus here at UW-Madison. With host-sites across various UW-Madison colleges and schools, and professionals eager to mentor LEAP Forward Interns, there is a wide net of possible perfect matches for students with any interest in Health Sciences. Each work-site will work directly with the LEAP Forward Intern to develop a work schedule that maximizes the experience and is conscious of the Intern’s work preferences.

In addition to unique work-site experiences, there will also be specific time each week devoted to LEAP Forward Interns learning and growing outside of the work-site. This will include touring campus and various facilities on-campus, participating in workshops, listening to guest speakers, and much more. Interns will also develop a collaborative project based on their unique experiences, which they will present at a banquet at the conclusion of the program.

The following core program components will shape not only the 6-week internship but also provide interns with skills for their future endeavors.

  • Learn about oneself and become more self-aware
  • Utilize and grow communication and collaboration skills
  • Value learning as well as personal and career development
  • Understand various cultures and their contributions towards our surroundings
  • Develop and practice decision-making skills
  • Focus on moving ideas into action

When does LEAP Forward take Place?

The LEAP Forward Internship will begin on June 22nd and run through August 7th, for a total of 6 weeks. Interns will have the week of July 2nd off.

In the month of May, there will be an initial orientation, for all LEAP Forward interns, where there will be team-building as well as general preparation leading up to the June 22nd start date. The specific date of the orientation is still to be determined and will be communicated to Interns once they are selected and have accepted the internship opportunity.

Where is LEAP Forward Located?

All LEAP Forward Internship work-sites will be located on UW-Madison’s campus. Bus passes will be provided for students to assist them in getting to campus. Specific site information is updated below within Internship Opportunities.

Why was LEAP Forward Created?

Central to the LEAP Forward experience is the values of Integrity, Engagement, as well as Connection & Community. This Internship opportunity will not only provide key hands-on experience but also great opportunities to explore potential post-High-school plans and future career options. Whether those post-High-school plans are with UW-Madison or elsewhere, this experience will help prepare each intern to realize their own future success.

In addition, interns can expect the following outcomes:

  • MMSD Experiential Learning Credits (.5 credits)
  • Receive a Department of Public Instruction Leadership Skills Certificate
  • Receive UW-Madison Independent Study Credit (1 credit)
  • Be paid an hourly wage of $10.00/hour for the 20 hours a week that each Intern will be working ($1,200 total prior to taxes!)
  • Be a UW-Madison student for 6 weeks



Discovery Outreach is a joint partnership effort of the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Discovery Outreach is headquartered in the Discovery Building, they produce a variety of informal science events for the community.



Formulated at Yale University, Tiny Earth is housed within the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. It is an innovative program that encourages students to pursue careers in science while addressing a worldwide health threat – the diminishing supply of effective antibiotics.



Residence Hall Facilities serves to support the mission of University Housing in the residence halls and in the dinning units. Residence Hall Facilities take care of maintenance, capital projects, housekeeping, and life safety for the community.



UW Veterinary Care is a tertiary care veterinary medical hospital/teaching hospital for the UW School of Veterinary Medicine. They offer over 20 different clinical services, encompassing large and small animal care along with a certified Pharmacy, medical records, and clinical laboratory.




The application will require the three documents below be submitted. All documents should be submitted electronically with the application (be sure the applicant name is on each document).

  1. A signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form
  2. One Letter of Recommendation
  3. Your unofficial high school transcript

Access your transcript via Infinite Campus and follow these instructions to download.


There will be 3 short-answer questions you should be prepared to answer on the application, those three questions are below:

  1. Why are you interested in this program? 
  2. Tell us about a time when you had to be a leader, advocate for someone, or stand up for yourself. 
  3. Tell us about a time you made a mistake or had to do something that you weren’t good at. 


Maximum of 1,000 characters per question