National Student Employment Week Toolkit

The second full week in April is celebrated by the National Student Employment Association as National Student Employment Week. To help UW-Madison celebrate and recognize the talented student employees on campus we have created a “toolkit” that you can utilize to easily communicate appreciation to your student employees. This toolkit is not meant to be restrictive- please utilize this in any way it can benefit you, even if just as inspiration for your own personal communications to students. Additionally, an extremely important part of extending our appreciation is to acknowledge that our student employees may be encountering unique challenges at this time. It is imperative to recognize this as we communicate with our students and celebrate their contributions to the UW-Madison Community. Thank you for recognizing your student employees!

Sample Social Media Content

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Instagram & Facebook

Below is a sample post that you can utilize as content inspiration for your divisional Instagram and Facebook pages!

Instagram & Facebook:

Instagram Photo with text To All Of Our Student Employees, Happy National Student Employment Week! April 12th-18th 2020


While you should not copy and paste this directly, the following Tweet can provide some guidance for a similar message you can promote:

“UW-Madison Student Employees are Badgers at Work, Home, & School. While “home” is now work and school for many, we are still celebrating National Student Employment Week! Thank you to our Student Employees for all of the great work that you do!”

Twitter Engagement Initiative

  • We invite you to utilize your department Twitter accounts to encourage your past and present student employees to Tweet a favorite memory from their time as a UW Student Employee! To help us respond to their stories, ask them to utilize the hashtag #ThankUWStudentEmployees on their Tweets.
  • Consider adding the following photo to your Tweet to free up some of those 280 characters!


Looking For Additional Material? We’ve Got You Covered!

  • Show appreciation for your student employees in a Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post!
  • We have included examples above but please feel free to create your own appreciation content to be shared on your social media!
  • We encourage you all to engage with any student responses that you receive on social media, if possible. This is yet another way that you can show your appreciation!
  • If you would like to contact your student employees more directly, consider sending an email message!
  • To help you get started, take a look at the following items you could address in your message
      • Extend that you hope they are doing well during these times
      • Acknowledge that the way they work has now changed or even discontinued
      • Extend your gratitude for the work that they do to support the UW-Madison community

An example message may look like the following:

To our valued Student Employee, 

We hope that you are staying well during these challenging times. While the way in which we work may have changed in the recent weeks, you have helped to make this transition a success. In celebration of National Student Employment Week we wanted to extend our gratitude to you. Your hard work, adaptability, and dedication to our team continues to make a lasting impact on the UW-Madison community. If this is your last semester working with our team we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. If you are continuing with our team for the future, we are looking forward to what we can all achieve together!


  • Should you choose to send a video, we encourage including multiple supervisors and members of leadership within the division as multiple “clips” in the same video, if possible. This is a simple and effective way to showcase the importance of student employees to your team. Consider creating a video with leadership answering the question “what do our student employees mean to you?”
  • If you would like to make your message in video form, consider these items as you create your message outline:
    • Extend that you hope they are doing well during these times
    • Acknowledge that the way they work has now changed or may have been discontinued
    • Extend your gratitude for the work that they do to support the UW-Madison community

A video message can be linked in an email to your student employees!

  • We would encourage setting up virtual spaces to engage with student employees, if it is possible. This could be facilitated through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or WebEx. This could be a great opportunity to check in with your employees, offer updates to your team, or highlight graduating seniors for their contributions.

Video Message From UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank

The following video message will be shared with student employees early in the week:

For additional ideas provided by the National Student Employment Association, click here!

To add a temporary Facebook profile photo filter celebrating National Student Employment Week, click here!