Student Employee Diversity Forum

Introducing the Student Employee Diversity Forum!

Whether you are a current UW-Madison Student Employee or not, we all play a part in creating an inclusive Badger community for all. Join your peers in this thought-provoking forum which will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas while engaging in a variety of topics on diversity, identity and inclusion. The forum consists of a keynote address and 2 workshop session on Friday March 15th, 2024. Students can attend all or any portion provided as part of the Diversity Forum. All sessions will take place in person at the Gordon Dining and Event Center and will be an hour in length.



  • Communicate new perspectives and knowledge to participants, providing a foundation for mindful discussion.
  • Develop valuable skills that will foster and encourage an expanded awareness surrounding diversity, identity and inclusion.
  • Empower participants to express their identity and feel confident in their ability to create inclusive environments.

While each session has a student employee focus, all students are welcome to attend these free sessions! We encourage you to attend to assist you on your diversity, identity, and inclusion journey. Together, we can collectively contribute towards a more inclusive Badger community.


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Check-In, Lunch, & Mindfulness

Time: 11am-12pm

During this time students will check-in and have time to converse with the other attendees while enjoying the provided lunch.

*Please register above if attending lunch so we can include you in the food count.

The event will kick off at 11:50 with a mindfulness activity led by RecWell.

Welcome & Keynote Session

Time: 12pm-12:45pm

The Diversity Forum chair will provide opening remarks followed by a compelling panel comprised of current and past UW Madison student employees sharing their employment journey.

Workshop #1

Time: 1pm-1:50pm

Choose one of the engaging sessions to attend below:

  • Option A: Preventing Sexual and Relationship Violence Through Annual Refresher Education
  • Option B: Embracing Disability, Committing to Anti-Ableism and Creating an Inclusive Environment

Workshop #2

Time: 2pm-2:50pm

Choose one of the sessions to attend below:

  • Option A: How My Student Leadership Helps My Career Tomorrow
  • Option B: Authentic Being: An Artistic Look into One’s Identities

Closing & Wrap-Up

Time: 2:50pm-3pm

The Diversity Forum chair will provide closing remarks and address any additional housekeeping items needed.

Session Descriptions

Bursting the Student Employment Bubble: A panel perspective

While at work, students are far more than just student employees. They bring their whole selves & wear many hats, and their employment experience is impacted and influenced by more than just the work environment.  The identities they hold, world events, campus climate, and personal experiences all shape how student employees show up.   This panel will focus on how to empower students to bring their whole selves in the workplace, and will feature a broad range of lived experiences, identities, and insights.

Preventing Sexual and Relationship Violence Through Annual Refresher Education


Sexual assault is a pervasive problem on college campuses, disproportionately impacting women, students with disabilities, LGBTQ+ students, and some racially minoritized groups. In 2023, The University of Wisconsin- Madison expanded violence prevention education efforts from a first-year program, to an annual refresher “booster” session for all undergraduate students, administered through an online module. Violence prevention staff from University Health Services will explain why and the strategy behind the expansion, as well as provide communication tools about the annual refresher program. This session will also include a brief skills-based component on supporting student survivors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the scope of sexual and relationship violence at UW-Madison and college campuses more broadly.
  • Increase their awareness of prevention science and principles.
  • Access and learn how to use communication tools about the annual refresher program.
  • Learn skills to compassionately support survivors who disclose sexual or relationship violence victimization.

Presenter Information

  • Sam Bowen (She/Her)-Assistant Director of Violence Prevention, University Health Services

Embracing Disability, Committing to Anti-Ableism and Creating an Inclusive Environment


This workshop will introduce attendees to core concepts around disability, identity, culture, and ableism with a focus on serving people with disabilities in student employee roles. Attendees will discuss scenarios related to supporting disabled students, staff, and campus visitors and create an action plan to learn or do something related to anti-ableism and disability ally-ship in their lives.

Learning Outcomes

After this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Define disability, disability identity, disability culture, and ableism.
  • Explain inclusive language used around disability.
  • Identify elements that create an inclusive, welcoming and accessible environment
  • Navigate situations wherein they are supporting disabled students, staff, and campus visitors in their student employee roles
  • Create an action plan to learn, change, or do something towards an anti-ableist future.

Presenter Information

  • Helen Rottier (She/Her)-Program Coordinator, Disability Cultural Center
  • Julie Schears (She/Her)-Outreach Program Evaluation Specialist, Waisman Center UCEDD
  • Anastasia Wilson (She/Her) – Peer Mentor, Waisman Center UCEDD

How My Student Leadership Helps My Career Tomorrow


The purpose of this session is to empower students to critically look at how their current student involvement experiences on and off campus can transfer to their career curiosities and goals. Students will engage in a series of reflective activities focused on what they are currently learning, how it can apply to their next step, and what other experiences they may want to join. Ultimately, students will see how valuable their student engagement can be to their future career goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the top skills employers are seeking today
  • Be able to connect student work and leadership experience to career interests
  • Identify what skills students are getting today through their work, how it applies to the future, and what else do students want to gain?

Presenter Information

  • Ryan Bouchard-Career Development Manager, Career Exploration Center

Authentic Being: An Artistic Look into One’s Identities


Attendees will have a chance to tap into their creative sides and through art express the various identities they may hold whether that be those that appear on the outside or ones that may be held inside that others may not see. Once the art is created participants will have opportunities to reflect and share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others.

Learning Outcomes

  • Personal reflection of identity
  • Exercising Creativity
  • Make art in community

Presenter Information

  • Kari Temkin (She/Her)-Student Experience Manager, Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Kasie Strahl (She/Her)-Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Office of Student Financial Aid

Diversity Forum Partners

Thank you to the following UW-Madison partners who contributed to the 2024 Student Employee Diversity Forum:

  • Recreation & Wellbeing
  • Office of Inclusion Education


The following resources will help expand knowledge on unconscious bias and provide suggested strategies for reducing bias.

Pronoun Usage: 

“You can’t know what pronouns someone uses just by looking at them… Using someone’s pronouns correctly is important because it shows that you respect them. -UW-Madison Gender and Sexuality Campus Center Pronoun Guide

Inclusive Language Information

Social Justice aims to open the doors of access to everyone. The following resources include events and readings/documentaries to help build an understanding on the topic of Social Justice. The following have been graciously compiled by the Wisconsin Union’s Social Justice Hub:

The Gender and Sexuality Campus Center (GSCC) is a unit on campus that is aimed to actively address oppression in all forms and affirms, includes and celebrates people across the spectrum of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, including their intersectional experiences and perspectives.”

The GSCC provides a multitude of trainings, resources and guides for supporting the LGBTQ+ community:

For additional information or support, contact the GSCC at: