"Access without support is not opportunity."

Vincent Tino (2008)

Our Purpose: To Support You


The Student Success Center aims to provide the services and supports students need to achieve their own journey of success. The center strives to immerse students within the Wisconsin Experience by focusing on opportunities for learning, reflection, growth, goal-setting, and achievement.

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Our Services:

Coaches meet regularly in a 1:1 setting with students to support the successful navigation of the UW-Madison Experience. The relationship is predicated on the student’s individual needs and aims to establish as well as maintain a comprehensive success plan—involving a variety of topics and goals. Key areas of focus: time management, goal-setting, wellness, reflection, academic strategies for success, mental health, and career prep.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create connections and gain knowledge of campus and community resources
  • Engage in personal development to gain a greater understanding of personal identities, strengths, limitations, beliefs, values, and attitudes
  • Identify transferable skills from campus and community experiences for future endeavors
Success Coaches:
  • Engage in personal Wisconsin Experience and encourage others to explore their Wisconsin Experience
  • Explore personal leadership and mentorship skills
  • Create connections, gain knowledgeable, and share knowledge about campus and community resources
  • Identify transferable skills from campus and community experiences for future endeavors

Are you a graduate student looking to learn more about becoming a Success Coach?  Apply Today!  Application is available until September 22, 2019 @ 11:59pm.  Please feel free to contact our Student Experience Manager, Kasie Strahl, at with any questions. 

Expectations for Coaching Relationship:
  • Meet at least monthly
  • Participate in success planning
  • Share and discuss campus resources

This is a peer-to-peer relationship which aims to connect students across similar shared experiences. These relationships can support multiple aspects of the students’ holistic experience, including transitioning as a first year student and finding ways to connect to campus.

More information to come soon!

Dedicated resources to support students who are eligible for public assistance programs, such as Foodshare & Badgercare. These resources aim to lessen the burden of navigating often complicated processes so that students can focus on taking advantage of the benefits of these programs.

For assistance, or to set-up an appointment to talk more, contact our Basic Needs Assistant, Jazmine Sales via email at

These are dedicated workshops & individualized focus sessions centered on providing opportunities to engage in personal as well as professional development. These workshops and focus sessions will occur through-out the year on a variety of topics with rotating guest speakers & activities.

Session Dates & Times will be posted once scheduled!