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Being a student can be difficult. The Student Success Center aims to simplify your experience by providing important resources so you can achieve your own journey of success. Our sole purpose is to support you, the student! Take advantage by engaging with a Success Coach, find a key mentor, receive Basic Needs support, and/or grow important skills through our Workshop Series.


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Success Services

Coaches meet regularly in a 1:1 setting with students to support their successful navigation of the UW-Madison Experience. The relationship is predicated on the student’s individual needs and aims to establish as well as maintain a comprehensive success plan—involving a variety of topics and goals. While our coaches serve as a constant point of contact for any student, they also rely heavily on warm referrals to campus resources to ensure students are appropriately connected.

Potential key areas of focus include: time management, goal-setting, wellness, reflection, academic strategies for success, mental health, and student employment.

Get Connected:

Contact to take advantage of our Success Coaching services by getting matched to a Success Coach for the Spring semester.

Our mentorship support features both the opportunity to connect with a peer as well as an alumni. The peer-to-peer relationship aims to connect students across similar shared experiences while the alumni relationship aims to connect students to alumni with similar interests. Both can be incredibly valuable to support multiple aspects of the student experience, including transitioning as a first year student and finding ways to connect to campus.

Get Connected:

We anticipate these services to be available during the Spring 2020 semester. For more information and to be considered for a mentor, please contact!

Basic Needs support offers dedicated resources to assist students in gaining access to food, housing, and insurance to promote overall wellness while attending UW-Madison. We have Basic Needs Assistants ready to support in getting students connected to resources including programs such as Foodshare and Badgercare, as well as getting connected to different food pantry’s or other resources.

Get Connected:

Students can sign-up for an appointment with one of our Basic Needs Assistants via Starfish in MyUW or by contacting us directly at


The Empower Your Success Workshop Series focus’ on a variety of topics, including leadership, self-exploration, and well-being. These offer great opportunities to connect with other students while learning key skills and resources to empower student success during a students time at UW-Madison.

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Checkout our Spring Empower Your Success Workshop Series here.

The Office of Student Financial Aid is also excited to offer additional workshop opportunities focus on getting connected to resources and Financial Wellness. More information on those offerings for Spring 2020 to come.

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Kasie Strahl

Student Experience Manager


Cayla Conway

Student Success Coach


Jordan Sallis

Student Success Coach


Jazmine Sales

Basic Needs Assistant


Micaela Salas

Basic Needs Assistant & Financial Aid Advisor


To learn more about about general services offered through the Student Success Center, contact Kasie Strahl at 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I get out of Success Coaching?

Students matched with a Success Coach will be able to benefit from a variety of outcomes.  Student Success Coaches are here to listen to you, work through your concerns, and celebrate your successes with you.

Overall, each Success Coaching experience will also provide the following outcomes:

  • Develop intentional strategies that nurture the Wisconsin Experience through collaborations with Success Coach
  • Create connections and gain knowledge of campus and community resources
  • Engage in personal development to gain a greater understanding of personal identities, strengths, limitations, beliefs, values, and attitudes
  • Identify transferable skills from campus and community experiences for future endeavors

How do I get a Success Coach?

Getting matched with a Success Coach is easy!  Simply send an email and we will get you connect with a Success Coach.

What should I expect from the success coaching relationship?

You can expect the coaching relationship to be a collaborative process.  You and the Success Coach will work together to create a success plan and develop steps to achieve that plan.  Additionally, in order to continue to make progress on the success plan, you can expect to have regular meetings and check-ins with your Success Coach.  These meetings and check-ins can vary in time, frequency, and location and will be determined between the two of you!

How is Success Coaching different from other resources on campus?

Success Coaches will be listeners, supporters, and connectors.  Additionally, the Coaches will assist with solving problems, but are not ‘fixers.’  The importance that both the student and the success coach are equal partners in the relationship is essential!  Success Coaches will also assist in navigating UW-Madison’s campus.  However, there are a few important differences between Success Coaches & other campus resources.

Success Coaches are not:

  • Academic Advisors:  can assist students with questions specific about course selection, academic planning, adding/dropping courses, fulfilling degree requirements, major declaration, etc.
  • Mental Health Professionals/Counselors: support and understand the many complexities of student life.  Mental Health providers, especially UHS, provide a open, safe, and confidential environment for students.
  • Tutors: assist students with specific course content and navigating homework and study skills.

How can I get in touch with a Basic Needs Assistant?

You can sign up for an appointment with one our Basic Needs Assistants through Starfish in MyUW or by contacting us directly at  In Starfish, search for “Student Success Center.”

Or connect directly with either of our Basic Needs Assistants, Jazmine or Micaela, via the “Get Connected” section above.

How can a Basic Needs Assistant help me?

Basic Needs Assistants ready to support you with gaining access to food, housing, and insurance.  The Assistants are familiar with Foodshare and Badgercare and the requirements of each respective program.  Additionally, they can help you get connected to different food pantry’s or other resources within campus and the community.

What can I expect from a Basic Needs Appointment?

Appointments are one-on-one with you and the Basic Needs Assistant.  The meeting can be anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour depending on what you need!  If available, it is helpful to bring a laptop to the appointment.

What is Foodshare?

FoodShare is a program that was created to stop hunger and improve nutrition and health of needy families/individuals.  It assists students with limited funds to buy the food they need.  FoodShare is also known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

You can learn a bit more here about the program:

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Anyone who has a tier 1 meal plan or no meal plan (this includes those living off campus).
  • Work requirements: students work at least 20 hrs/wk at a regular job or at least 1 hr/wk at a work study job.

As long as the above requirements are being met by the student, they will most likely qualify for FoodShare.

Other students might receive FoodShare services if they are taking care of a child.

What is Badgercare?

Badgercare is Medicaid for anyone who falls under income limits.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Not on parent’s insurance
  • Does not have SHIP insurance
  • Student who makes under $13,000/year
    • But, could potentially count grants and scholarships as income for Fastrack/Banner students so if they are, always send them to either Jazmine or Micaela

If student meets all available requirements, they may be eligible for Badgercare.

What is the Workshop Series all about?

The Empower Your Success Workshop Series focuses on Leadership, Wellbeing, &  Self-Exploration.  Workshops are held around campus on a variety of dates and locations throughout the Spring semester.  Join us for one, two, or all of the sessions!  Dates, times and locations are listed in the chart below, and you can see a broader description of the workshops below the chart.

What’s Your Style? Wednesday, February 12th 4:30pm – 5:30pm Multicultural Student Center Lounge; 2nd Floor Red Gym
Hello? Are you there? Tuesday, February 25th 5:00pm – 6:00pm Union South TITU
Mind Your Stress Wednesday, March 11th 5:30pm – 6:30pm


Overture Room, Gordon Dining & Event Center
Deep to Your Core Tuesday, March 24th 4:30pm – 5:30pm Hearing Room, 4th Floor Student Activity Center
Are you My Leader? Wednesday, April 8th 4:30pm – 5:30pm Room 1227 Ogg Hall
Coaching the Critic Out of You Tuesday, April 21st 5:30pm – 6:30pm Lake Mendota Room, Dejope Hall


What are the topics covered in the Workshop Series?

The Empower Your Success Workshop Series has a variety of topics focused on either Leadership, Self-Exploration, or Well-Being. Descriptions of each workshop can be found below:

What’s Your Style?

Everyone is a leader, but we all have our own style! Join this workshop to learn about your leadership style and how that informs your motivation, actions, and communication approach.

Workshop Focus: Leadership

Hello? Are you there?

Communication is difficult when we all have different approaches! During this workshop we will explore various communication styles and learn about your personal communication style.  Additionally, we will talk formal and informal communication within the college setting!

Workshop Focus: Self-Exploration

Mind Your Stress

Stress can show up at different times and to different degrees. Join us for a workshop to discover ways to recognize and identify your stress and its triggers.  We will discuss resources and ways to reduce your stress in the short-term and in the long-term.

Workshop Focus: Wellbeing

Deep to Your Core 

Honest? Achievement? Creativity? What are your Core Values? Our Core Values impact the ways that we interact with the world and during this workshop you will have the opportunity to discover what values are most important to you.

Workshop Focus: Self-Exploration

Are you My Leader?

There are many perceptions and preconceived notions about who is and is not a leader? During this workshop we will dive into these perceptions and discuss the ways in which we all are all leaders!

Workshop Focus: Leadership

Coaching the Critic Out of You

Our inner critic is full of negative self-talk and can make sure feel pretty miserable. Come and join us for a workshop where we turn our inner critic into an inner coach full of positive self-talk!

Workshop Focus: Wellbeing

Who all is able to attend Workshops?

Any UW-Madison student is able to attend so feel free to bring a friend or connect with new friends through the workshops!