UW Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants at UW-Madison play a vital role to supporting instruction, projects, and research at the University. There are three different types of assistantships across various departments and divisions at UW. It is important to note that the majority of graduate assistant positions are not posted publicly or available to all graduate students. Instead, they are “owned” by particular graduate programs and are reserved for students in those programs. Programs use their own internal processes to award assistantships to students. To find out how your program awards assistantships, we recommend you contact your program of interest. For more information on the UW-Madison Graduate School, visit their their website at grad.wisc.edu.

There still exist a smaller number of graduate assistant positions which are not reserved for students in particular programs, and any graduate student can apply for those positions. Generally, these positions are posted relatively close to the time they will start, so positions that start in the fall semester will usually be posted in July or August. To view available graduate assistant positions, simply click the button below:

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Graduate assistantships appointed at 33.3% or higher (>13 hours/week) provide multiple benefits:

  • a monthly stipend;
  • remission of both resident and non-resident tuition (students will still need to pay segregated fees, roughly $726/semester); and
  • eligibility for health insurance (health insurance options for a reasonable premium are among the country’s best group health insurance plans).


Students also gain valuable skills through assistantship roles.  This work may apply directly to their career goals or build broad, transferable skills in areas like communication, teamwork, and leadership.

“Through this position, I have developed a broad understanding of higher education issues… and continued to strengthen my applied analytical and technical skills.”
-Project Assistant

Stipend Information


The Graduate School annually updates the minimum stipend levels for campus and any adjustments that are allowed by various programs. See the Graduate School website for more information.



Contact the Graduate School:

217 Bascom Hall

500 Lincoln Drive

Madison, WI 53706



Hours of Operation: 7:45am – 4:30pm

Front Desk Walk-In Hours: 10am – 3pm




For questions regarding a specific assistantship posting,

please contact the division or HR Representative listed in the job rather than the Graduate School.