Veterinary Medicine

UW Veterinary Care is a tertiary care veterinary medical hospital/teaching hospital for the UW School of Veterinary Medicine. They offer over 20 different clinical services, encompassing large and small animal care along with a certified Pharmacy, medical records, and clinical laboratory.


  • Cleaning kennels and examination rooms
  • Restocking supplies within treatment areas
  • Drawing up vaccinations for doctors to administer
  • Walking blood and tissue samples to the pathology laboratory
  • Delivering prescriptions to the pharmacy and bringing filled prescriptions to patients
  • Weighing patients, assisting veterinary technicians with getting patient temperature, pulse and respiratory rate, and accurately transcribing that information into the patient medical record
  • Gain skills in working as part of the veterinary medical team
  • Learn what supplies are used for various common diagnostic tests in dogs and cats
  • Learn what vaccinations and wellness practices are common in veterinary medicine


  • Veterinary Care
  • Health Sciences
  • Health Communications
  • Health Advocacy
  • Health Technology