Fraudulent Postings

Unfortunately, there are people who try to take advantage of those on the job market. The Madison area has amazing opportunities, but you will want to be sure to keep an eye out for those who are not serving your best interest.

Fraudulent Job Communications

Fraudulent job communications are currently on the rise. Fraudulent job offers may be sent to your UW email directly. Be skeptical of employment emails that contain vague subjects and information, offer a large sum of money for work as an assistant, or request that you purchase items or cash checks before starting work. If you suspect that an employment opportunity communication may be fraudulent, contact our team and do not provide the employer any sensitive information.

Job openings emailed from “Job Placement & Student Service” are not affiliated with the Student Jobs Site and are fraudulent.

If you believe that you have identified a fraudulent job communication, please notify our team at

Reported Job Postings

The following Local Student Job postings have been reported to our team as fraudulent:

  • Part Time Personal/Family/Business Assistant 12366 (September)

If you believe that you have identified a fraudulent posting, please notify our team at

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General Tips

Here are some tips created by the Handshake Help Center to help you make an informed decision on your next job search:

  • NEVER accept and deposit a check before you start and do work
  • Prior to accepting any employment, we encourage students to research the employer and obtain objective information about the employer for the position posted
  • Be wary of an employer who offers you a job before even speaking with you
  • Familiarize yourself with common job scams
  • If something feels “too good to be true”, be suspicious

Employer Red Flags

  • Employer phone is blocked and cannot return their call 
  • Address listed is not a US address or Madison address or is a address for a post office
  • Employer emailing or contacting you for a job you did not apply for or inviting you to apply to a job
  • Email address is not an affiliate with their respective company or is a, or etc.
  • Anonymity is a cause for suspicion. If it is difficult to find an address, actual contact, company name, etc., there may be more of a reason for this. Fraud postings are illegal and fraudulent employers will try to keep themselves as hidden from the public eye as possible.

What if I have given sensitive information to a fraudulent employer?

Report the job and employer to our support team:

More information can be found here on how to stay safe during your job search.