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What is a UW-Madison position?

The UW Admin Dashboard and its functions are a benefit meant exclusively for UW-Madison positions. These are positions in which students receive a paycheck directly from UW-Madison. All UW faculty or staff who wish to post a non-UW position should do so through Post a Non-UW Position. If you have questions on if a position qualifies as UW, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at Please note, positions where students do not receive a UW paycheck will not be approved to be posted if submitted through the UW Admin Portal. 

From Posting to Onboarding

The Student Jobs platform will allow for employers to post jobs, receive and manage applications, create search committees, schedule interviews, and send offers all in one place. An optional onboarding portal is also available for UW-Madison employers to help students get started in their new roles.

Streamlined User Experience

Take advantage of a substantially upgraded user experience. The job posting includes more fields, dynamic text options, and a much enhanced job posting advertisement. These features will create a consistent look and feel for all postings while allowing students to more easily learn about your opportunity. All UW-Madison staff and faculty have exclusive access via their netID and password.

Enhanced Resources

The Student Jobs site is the hub for all things part-time employment. Students now have access to browse jobs as well as reference various resources to assist them in their process. While browsing a job, prospective applicants can search by any keyword utilizing our enhanced search or simply filter by our updated job categories. All prospective applicants will also have access to set up unique job alerts, to keep them updated should your position fit what they are looking for.

Student Jobs Platform Tutorials

We have compiled a series of tutorial videos as a resource as you navigate the platform. The tutorials are split up by topic and are all four minutes or less in length. All tutorials can be found on the Student Jobs Knowledge Base.

UW Admin Dashboard Support

Admin Action Requests

Contact our team with any system-related requests, such as additional access or changes to job cards after the posting has been approved.

Contact us at

Trainings and Tutorials

Use the link below to navigate to the video and written tutorials for the Admin Dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are regularly being updated. If you have any questions that you don’t see answered here, please contact us at

Posting a Job

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What do the different templates mean?

Job templates will populate some fields for you so you don’t have to fill them all in and will ensure that all fields are filled in with the correct information. This helps to ensure that you go through the correct recruitment process.

Graduate Assistants (PA, TA, RA, Fellowship): This template is used for all graduate positions.

Off Campus Work-Study Positions: This template is used for off campus organizations that have a contract with UW-Madison to hire work study students.

Student Help: This template is used for all student hourly positions where your recruitment process may utilize functionality such as interview, reference check, etc. This template is encouraged for use for the majority of positions.

Student Help-Accelerated Application: This template is used for student hourly positions where you have a quick hire style position; you most likely will be moving applicants directly from application complete to the offer stage to offer them the job. It removes a lot of functionality related to the change status actions

What is the department overview?

The Department Overview is a quick description of where the student will be working: what it does, who it serves, and anything that makes it a great place to work.

Can I change who the direct supervisor is after a job is submitted?

No. If you need this change made, please contact the Student Employment team through our Administrative Action Request Form.

Do Divisional HR Representatives have to approve positions?

They don’t have to! Divisional Reps only approve the position if you select them as a Divisional Approver in selecting your Approval Process.

Which approval process should I choose?

You should select the approval process that matches your department’s job approval process.There are options for Multiple Divisional Approval if your department requires it.

Do all jobs have to be approved by the Student Employment Admin Team?

Yes. All approval processes will include the Student Employment team as the final approver.

My job was denied. Now what?

When your job is denied, you will receive an email with a link to edit the position. On your dashboard, you can go to view jobs and hit view on the right hand side. At the bottom of the job page, click restart to unlock the position to make edits. Once you have made the necessary changes, click save and next to resubmit the position.

Why was the language on my job posting changed?

The Student Employment team also reserves the right to modify any language on job postings that is deemed appropriate or to meet posting guidelines for consistency across the job site.

Do I have to list my direct supervisor in the posting even if they are not involved in the search?

No, your direct supervisor does not have to be listed. However, the field is required, so you should list someone else who is involved with the search and screen process. If there isn’t anyone else you would like to list, you can add yourself in this field.

Sourcing a Job

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How many job categories and outcomes are required?

At least one of either job categories and outcomes is required. The Student Employment team recommends that you select as many Job Categories as are applicable to the position, but no more than three Job Outcomes.

The Application Process

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Can a student change any part of their application after they submit?

Students can update their class schedule or availability after they have submitted their application. Students have been informed that they should contact the hiring manager if they do so.

Can I rank applicants in the system?

Only the search committee chair can rank applicants in a committee setting.

Can we have a student run a search committee?

Yes. All students have been imported into the system as search committee members so that they can be added as a search committee member and run the recruitment process if you would like.

Will the system email me whenever a new application arrives?

At this time, the system is not able to send notifications of new applications.

Why do the number of applications under "Manage Job" not match what I see when I view applications?

The number of applications listed in the manage jobs tab is reflective of both incomplete and complete applications. When you view the applications, you are only seeing ones that are complete. The others will appear in that view when they have been completed by the applicant.

Creating and Scheduling Interviews

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Do I have to use the interview functionality in the new system?

No. All functionality other than posting jobs and receiving applications are optional.

When can I create my interview event schedule?

Your interview event can be built any time after the position has been sourced.

Hiring a Student

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Do I need to download the offer letter in order for the fields to merge?

No. However, if you are using the Graduate Assistant offer letters, you will need to download them and make additional edits, as not all fields are covered in the offer card.

Am I required to use the onboarding portal?

The onboarding portal is available should you want to use it, but it is not currently a university requirement.

Can I offer a job to more than one student at once?

Yes, you can offer as many students the position as you want, either inside or outside the system.