Post Non-UW Positions

This is the hub for all information related to posting student held positions which are not directly funded through UW-Madison. While we are incredibly excited for this necessary upgrade, we are also here to help through the transition.

To post a non-UW position, simply click on the button below, which will take you the new Student Jobs dashboard. Once there, you will be able to begin setting up your account and creating a posting. Included below is important information regarding the new platform, costs for posting on the new platform, as well as frequently asked questions.



Employers looking to post full-time permanent positions should visit the Career Services website to post to Handshake, UW-Madison’s platform for professional career opportunities.

In October of 2017 we embarked on a project to enhance the user and student experience on the Student Job Center. While basic functionality has always been available, the user interface had become outdated and in need of an upgrade. With the new platform, we are excited to not only offer enhanced functionality, but to also substantially increase the overall user experience. This enhancement will allow for us to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of technology and the subsequent expectations students have when interacting with a web-based resource.

Within the new platform, it is important to note that there are distinct administrative experiences depending on whether the employer is posting a UW-Madison or Non-UW position. This is a result of different needs in terms of functionality and approvals. It is important that beginning January 10th, 2019, all Non-UW positions are posted via this Non-UW position’s portal, linked on this page. This includes any UW Faculty/Staff who are seeking to post non-UW positions, such as a babysitter. 

The job board for applicants can be found on January 10th by selecting any of the Browse Jobs buttons on the Student Jobs home page. This job board will include all postings from both UW-Madison and Non-UW employers.

On the Student Jobs platform, you will be required to create a new account upon your first log-in. This is a very simple process, and will allow for you to utilize the new features on the platform. Once you create an account, you’ll then be able to create a new job posting. You will continue to have the option to copy a job, should you wish to re-post in the future, or perhaps post a similar position without having to start from scratch.

The most important piece to remember is that you will need to create a new account, your existing username and password will not work for the new platform. 

  • All postings on the new platform will remain visible to students for a maximum of 30 days. This will be valid from the point that payment is submitted. You may still have it visible for less than 30 days, if you wish.
  • The Student Employment team reserves the right to refuse to post positions at any time.
  • The Student Employment team also reserves the right to modify any language on job postings that is deemed appropriate or to meet posting guidelines for consistency across the job site.
  • The determination for your pricing eligibility will be based on your affiliation to UW-Madison. If you are a current student/faculty/staff of UW-Madison, then you should use your email address to be eligible for the UW-Madison affiliate rate. Non-profit affiliation will be determined based on the organization and position being posted (unless being posted by a UW Affiliate, in which case the price would default to the UW Affiliate rate).
  • Any UW-Madison affiliate (student/faculty/staff) may submit any positions under the affiliate rate. You must be an active student/faculty/staff in order to be eligible for this rate.
  • Once your affiliation is determined by our team, then the price will be set and you will be able to proceed with payment. No positions will be visible to the public until after payment has been submitted. If you have a question regarding our determination of your pricing eligibility, please reach out to our team via email at

An employer must alert the UW-Madison Student Employment Team via email ( within 72 hours of payment being submitted to be considered for a refund. Payment is considered to be submitted once an employer receives receipt of payment. The UW-Madison Student Employment Team reserves the right to grant or deny any refund requests. Refunds will not be granted for employers who fail to alert the Student Employment Team via email within 72 hours of payment being submitted.

Cost per Posting

UW-Madison Affiliates – $5

This includes all users who are either emeritus or currently affiliated with UW-Madison. You must have an active email address, which will be verified. This would include all UW Faculty/Staff who may be posting a non-UW position.

Non-Profit – $8

This includes all users who are currently affiliated with, and posting a position for, a non-profit organization or local municipality. Official non-profit Federal Work-Study partners will have exclusive free access to post. Please contact us with any questions on eligibility as a Federal Work-Study partner.

Non-UW Affiliate – $15

This includes all users who are not directly affiliated with UW-Madison or a non-profit/local municipality. This would include posting an opportunity with a for-profit company.

 Over 8 Million Page Views Each Year

Get your jobs out in front of tens of thousands of students. We average over 8 million page views each year, including both UW-Madison students and the general public.

Streamlined User Experience

Take advantage of a substantially upgraded user experience. The job posting includes more fields, dynamic text options, and a much enhanced job posting advertisement. These features will create a consistent look and feel for all postings while allowing students to more easily learn about your opportunity.

Enhanced Resources

The Student Jobs site is the hub for all things part-time employment. This will generate increased traffic as students now have access to browse jobs as well as reference various resources to assist them in their process. While browsing a job, prospective applicants can search by any keyword utilizing our enhanced search functionality or simply filter by our wide-ranging and updated job categories. All prospective applicants will also have access to set-up unique job alerts, to keep them updated should your position fit what they are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why isn't my old Username & Password working?

The new Student Jobs platform will require that you set-up a new account upon your first log-in. When setting up a new account, you are able to utilize your old username and password, if you wish. The Student Jobs platform is completely separate from the Student Job Center, which is why a new account must be created.

What happens to my old postings?

As of January 10th, 2019 the existing Student Job Center no longer exists. All postings will be required to be re-posted via the new Student Jobs platform. Here, you can update job information to match the enhanced functionality of the new platform. The old Student Job Center automatically redirects to the new platform.

What is the difference between UW and non-UW positions?

 UW positions are those in which students receive a paycheck from UW-Madison. These positions are therefore directly affiliated with the University to fulfill important work across a wide spectrum of roles for the University. All UW positions should be posted by a Faculty or Staff member via the Post a UW Position, due to the unique approval processes and functionality included. There is no charge for posting a UW position.

Non-UW Positions are all those which a not directly funded by UW-Madison, but are looking for UW students to assist. These may be posted by UW Faculty or Staff, however, would be for work not offered directly through the University. This could include a faculty member hiring for a babysitter or a business on State Street hiring for a waitress. There is a small charge for posting a non-UW position.

How do I know what payment option I qualify for?

Our team will review each posting to determine the appropriate cost, depending on the posters affiliation to UW. See the cost per posting eligibility on this page for more information.

Why was the format and/or language of my posting changed?

The Student Jobs team also reserves the right to modify any language on job postings that is deemed appropriate or to meet posting guidelines for consistency across the job site.

Why does the Student Jobs site charge a posting fee?

The Student Jobs site charges a nominal fee in order to continue to improve the user experience for both students and employers. This important change will also allow for us to continue facilitating student engagement with non-UW positions while supporting efforts to bolster student success at UW-Madison.