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Who can use the Student Jobs Dashboard?

Federal Work-Study Community Partners are the only non-UW employers with access to the Admin Dashboard. Our Federal Work-Study Community Partners are non-UW employers who use work-study to pay for a portion of their students’ wages and have a contract with the Student Engagement team to do so. We work with community-based non-profit organizations, local municipalities, and small businesses within the state of Wisconsin. If you are not currently a partner, please see our Becoming a Work-Study Partner page on this website to see if you may qualify. All positions for non-partner organizations should be posted through the Non-UW Jobs page.

Student Jobs Platform Tutorials

We have compiled a series of tutorials to provide guidance as you navigate the platform. All tutorials can be found on the Student Jobs Knowledge Base and require a NetID to view.

There are some differences for Federal Work-Study partners for creating jobs and creating offers. The tutorials for those are written and can be found below.

From Posting to Onboarding

The Student Jobs platform will allow for employers to post jobs, receive and manage applications, create search committees, schedule interviews, and send offers all in one place. An optional onboarding portal is also available for UW-Madison employers to help students get started in their new roles.

Streamlined User Experience

Take advantage of a substantially upgraded user experience. The job posting includes more fields, dynamic text options, and a much enhanced job posting advertisement. These features will create a consistent look and feel for all postings while allowing students to more easily learn about your opportunity.

Enhanced Resources

The Student Jobs site is the hub for all things part-time employment. Students now have access to browse jobs as well as reference various resources to assist them in their process. While browsing a job, prospective applicants can search by any keyword utilizing our enhanced search or simply filter by our updated job categories. All prospective applicants will also have access to set up unique job alerts, to keep them updated should your position fit what they are looking for.