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Welcome to the hub for Student Jobs, where students have access to thousands of part-time employment opportunities both through UW-Madison as well as businesses within the local community. Here, students can find meaningful opportunities that can support their educational pursuits and lifestyle while also gaining critical professional and personal skills. Positions are posted throughout the year, updated daily, for jobs in both the academic year and summer terms. Students seeking full-time professional career opportunities should use the Career Services platform Handshake.

Increased Risk of Employment Scams: What to Know

Recently, we have been alerted to an increase in phishing scams where students receive emails from Student Employment asking for personal information for a guaranteed employment opportunity, then asking students to send bank information or deposit fraudulent checks. While we have eliminated many of these postings from the Student Jobs website, UW-Madison students can still be targeted through emails sent directly to them. Here are some tips and tricks to identifying these scams and avoiding them.

Some common signs that an emailed job opportunity is a scam:

  • The email is only one or two lines with a request for your phone number or address
  • You are asked to purchase gift cards and deliver them to someone
  • The job opportunity is listed as a work from home position with no application required

While the display name often is of someone you know and email regularly or UW Student Employment, many times the actual email address is not a email address. Before responding, be sure to check that the email address is actually that of the person who is supposedly emailing you. If you are still unsure, email the person separately and ask if they recently sent you an email (rather than responding).

All emails from the Student Employment team will come from

Most off-campus employers who wish to employ current UW-Madison students will post on the Student Jobs website, as they do not have access to large numbers of student email addresses. Check to see if the position is also listed on this site!

Key Features of the Student Jobs Platform

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Filter Jobs

When searching for the perfect opportunity for you, be sure to utilize the filters located on the left hand side of the job board. There, you can search by job type, job category, or job outcomes.

Search Keywords

Looking for a specific position or job description? Utilize the search bar on the left hand side of the job board. There, you can search for anything which may appear within the posting.

What are Job Categories?

Quickly find the perfect opportunity for you by utilizing job categories to filter your search.

  • Job Categories are clusters of similar opportunities to help narrow down the type of job experience you may be looking for. Most of these are closely correlated to career clusters which are designed to allow for you to more easily find potential opportunities which also align with your academic and future career aspirations.

What are Job Outcomes?

Quickly find the perfect opportunity for you by utilizing job categories and outcomes to filter your search.

  • Job Outcomes are key transferable skills which the employer anticipates you will gain as a result of their position. For example, if you are looking for a position to gain communication skills, filtering by job outcome may help you find positions which may develop that skill.

What's in a Job Type?

On the Student Jobs platform, we have three job types to explain who your employer would be.

  • UW Student Jobs – This job type is reserved for all positions where UW-Madison would be your employer. You can apply for all of these positions by simply hitting the red apply button, once you have clicked on the position.
  • Local Federal Work-Study Student Jobs – This job type is for those students who have a Federal Work-Study award as a part of their Financial Aid package. All employers within this job type are within the Madison community (not associated with UW-Madison) but do require Federal Work-Study in order to apply.
  • Local Student Jobs – These are all opportunities within the surrounding Madison area, but do not have any affiliation to UW-Madison. These positions will require you to apply through the unique employers application instructions.

Sign-up for Job Alerts

On the Browse Jobs page, there will be a gray button in the top right corner that says “Job Alerts”: click this button to be taken to the Student Job Alerts page. Enter your email address and select categories of jobs or enter keywords you want to be alerted to. At the bottom of the page, hit “Subscribe” to receive an email notification when new jobs are posted in those categories or with the keywords you entered.

Campus and Visitor Relations (CAVR) staff answer questions from guests stopping at the Campus & Community Information Welcome Desk in the newly renovated west wing of the Memorial Union at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on June 21, 2014. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Student Testimonials

"My favorite memory at UW would probably be some time in the first month of working in the dining hall. I applied to work expecting to be put into monotonous labor with a lack of energy in the environment. I couldn't have been more wrong; the people working were all very friendly and promoted an environment that didn't feel like work at all. People were more personal than I expected too, remembering names isn't difficult but I was pleasantly surprised people went the extra step for that."

“Working on campus offers an incredibly convenient work environment. Not only is it conveniently placed, but your UW-Madison employer is also happy to support your busy schedule. Student employers understand that there is a lot on any given student’s plate, so they are more than happy to accommodate you work schedule with your class schedule, personal life, and general well-being.”

“My UW-Madison student job has helped me hone in on what I am passionate about and want to spend my time doing, on top of discovering what I don’t like, both in a job and beyond!”

“UW-Madison student jobs will teach you about interactions with people and customers working in the real world. The skills you will learn on the job are invaluable and can be transferred to any job you will have in the future.”