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Student Employee Support

Supervising students can be a rewarding, although an also challenging proposition. Often times balancing the requirements of supervision with the real expectations to complete other job duties can leave time at a minimum. This may restrict our ability to implement day-to-day supports for our students that not only foster their development, but also compliment the real outcomes associated with the jobs they’re fulfilling. All students are encouraged to take advantage of our Be Engaged Workshop Series as well as Success Services to help them thrive within their employment roles and in their time at UW-Madison. 

Be Engaged Workshop Series

The Be Engaged Workshop Series is put on by the Office of Student Financial Aid as a part of our Success Services and focuses on three key competency areas: Leadership, Wellbeing, &  Self-Exploration.  Workshops are held around campus on a variety of dates and locations throughout the Spring semester.  These workshops are available and open to all students, so we always encourage students to bring friends! Each workshop is an hour long and features a combination of content as well as hands-on activities to dive deeper into the competency area. These are great opportunities for students to learn and apply skills directly to their UW-Madison Student Job.

Be Engaged Workshop Series

Success Services

In addition to our Workshop Series, we offer Success Services for your student employees to take advantage which include Success Coaching and Basic Needs Support. These services are intended to support a student in achieving their own journey of success while here at UW-Madison. All students are welcome to take advantage of these services. If you have a student whom you believe could benefit, feel free to refer them to our team via success@finaid.wisc.edu.

Success Services 

UW-Madison Employer Work Study Information

The Federal Work-Study Program is a need-based part-time employment, federal financial aid program in which the government and the employer share the payroll cost of employing students. Visit our Knowledge Base page for more work study employer information.

Making Student Employment Valuable

Student Employment and Identity Development

College is an essential time for student identity development. Learn how your students are developing and how you can influence that development.

Student Employment and Career Development

An essential function of student employment is to allow students to explore career options and develop critical career skills.

Student Employment and Student Learning

Students learning should occur both in and outside of the classroom. As a supervisor of students, we are just as much a teacher for our students and thus we should consider how to embed intentional student learning into each of our experiences.

Student Employment and Leadership Development

Student Employment represents a substantial opportunity to support a students leadership journey.