Coming Soon: Hiring Automation Process

The Student Employment Team is excited to share the hiring automation enhancement through the Student Jobs Platform anticipated to launch in late February/early March.

Student Help opportunities will now be able to hire directly to the campus system (HRS) once an offer has been created and accepted through the Student Jobs Platform.

You can find more details and an overview of the process here. Additionally we will be providing some online trainings to assist anyone with the system and this new process. Registration dates and times will be shared once we have an exact go live date for the automation process.

Each division will have their own process/protocol for offer card approvals needed for this process, so be sure to check with your Division on these guidelines.

To continue to ensure all Student Help opportunities remain fully accessible and that our recruitment processes are equitable, it is highly encouraged that all units utilize the Student Jobs platform to support their recruitment needs (unless a similar alternative is already being utilized). As a reminder, you are only able to take advantage of this automated job data entry process by utilizing the Student Jobs platform for your recruitment & selection of candidates. This process only applies to Student Help hires, all Student Assistant roles (GA, PA, RA, SA, TA, Fellowship) should continue to be hired as they are currently.

We will be in touch with more details once we have an official launch date.

If you have any questions or need assistance, the Student Employment team is here to support. Contact us at