UW-Madison 2022-2023 Student Employment Award Recipients

This year, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Employment Team hosted the annual campus competition for Student Employee of the Year. The competition, now in its fourth year running, received many nominees from departments across campus. The student employees nominated displayed exceptional counts of reliability, professionalism, and initiative. Along with their high quality of work and the uniqueness of their contribution, they stand out amongst the thousands employed on campus. In addition to recognizing outstanding student employees, this year UW-Madison launched the Student Employment Supervisor of the Year competition.  Supervisors of student employees play an invaluable role in their development as well as acting as role models, mentors, coaches, and more. This recognition illustrates their contributions and impact at UW-Madison. After a long and thoughtful selection process, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Employment Team is proud to introduce the 2022-2023 UW-Madison Student Employment Award Recipients.