Action Verbs for Student Employment

Student-employees are each at a different stage in the learning process. As employers, you provide a unique opportunity for students to engage in experiential learning. The list provided here is to assist you in creating a job posting: what are you hoping students will learn to do in your job? Use the words below not only to enhance the specificity of your job posting, but also to evaluate how you may engage in helping students learn while at the university. Each column represents a level of student learning development.

Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation
Count Associate Add Analyze Categorize Appraise
Define Compute Apply Arrange Combine Assess
Describe Convert Calculate Breakdown Compile Compare
Draw Defend Change Combine Compose Conclude
Identify Discuss Classify Design Crate Contrast
Label Distinguish Complete Detect Drive Criticize
List Estimate Demonstrate Develop Devise Critique
Match Explain Discover Diagram Explain Determine
Name Extend Divide Differentiate Group Grade
Outline Extrapolate Examine Discriminate Integrate Interpret
Point Generalize Graph Illustrate Organize Judge
Quote Give examples Interpolate Outline Plan Justify
Read Infer Manipulate Relate Prescribe Measure
Recall Paraphrase Modify Select Propose Rank
Recite Predict Operate Separate Rearrange Rate
Recognize Rewrite Prepare Subdivide Reconstruct Support
Record Summarize Produce Relate Test
Repeat Show Reorganize
Reproduce Solve Revise
Select Subtract Transform
State Translate Specify
Write Use


Source: McClellan, G., Creager, K., & Savoca, M. (2018). A Good Job: Campus Employment as a High-Impact Practice. Steerling, VA: Stylus Publishing.