Applicant Login Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to set-up your account for the first time, request a password, and successfully apply for the job.


1. After pressing the ‘Apply Now’ button, enter your email address into the ‘Begin Application’ box and press ‘Next’.

2. Enter your email address once again to begin the process of resetting your password. This will generate an email to that email address with instructions to reset your password. Resetting the password is necessary to gain access on your first log-in.

3. After the password reset instructions have been followed, log into your profile. Please note, this is logging into just the profile, and you will now need to go back to your job to ‘Apply Now’.

4. Once pressing ‘Apply Now’ the second time (after setting up username & password), you will now be able to utilize the username & password you set-up.

5. Complete the application.

Important Note: You will only need to do this on your first log-in attempt. If you are a non UW-Madison student, then you can use any email address and will not need to reset your password.