Job Categories

Agriculture and Natural Resources: This is a broad category for positions that would work with resources from Earth and animals.

Athletics, Sports, and Recreation: Positions that will use knowledge of various sports and athletic pursuits. This includes referees and recreational fitness instructors.

Business Management, Finance, and Marketing: Positions that would build content knowledge in business, management, finance, and/or marketing.

Child Development and Care: Positions related to research on child development, as well as nanny/baby-sitting positions would be found in this category.

Communications, Broadcasting, and Media Arts: This is a broad category for positions in journalism, broadcasting, writing, public speaking, and social media.

Customer Service: Positions that require interaction with customers who would be purchasing goods or services. These roles are helpful in gaining experience in providing positive customer experiences, communicating verbally or in writing with customers, and on managing customer feedback.

Data Analysis: Positions where you will be gaining or using subject knowledge in data analysis, including coding and entering data from research.

Department and Office Assistants: Positions that require daily or weekly office tasks, including answering phones, data entry, and other small projects. These positions can be in a business or academic office.

Education & Training: Positions that focus on elementary, secondary, postsecondary, and adult education, as well as positions that would focus on training and development for employees. This would include tutoring, classroom teaching, grading assignments, and learning and talent development.

Facilities and Landscaping: Positions that are focused on the maintenance of the UW-Madison campus. This would include custodians or any other facilities work.

Federal Work-Study Preferred: Positions that prefer that student employees have Federal Work-Study. All on-campus positions at UW-Madison are work-study eligible.

Government and Public Administration: Positions working for local, state, or federal government as well as non-government organizations that focus on government advocacy and policy.

Graduate Assistant – Programs/Projects: Open only to graduate students, these are positions that designate graduate or professional students employed to assist with research, training, or other academic programs or projects.

Graduate Assistant – Research: Research Assistants are UW–Madison graduate students who are given stipends to support their own education and training.

Graduate Assistant – Teaching Assistant: Open only to graduate students, this title is appropriate for graduate students who have been assigned teaching responsibilities in an instructional program under the supervision of a faculty member of the academic staff. Teaching assistant positions for undergraduates can be found under education and training.

Graduate Fellowships: Open only to graduate students, these roles are aligned with a specific graduate fellowship, either through the graduate school, a department, or externally run.

Healthcare and Health Sciences: Positions related to jobs in healthcare, medical research, and health care administration.

Higher Education-Student Affairs:  Positions related to support for student success at institutions of higher education to enhance student growth and development.

Hospitality: Positions that lie within the hospitality field, such as restaurants and hotels.

Information Technology and Computers: Students in these positions should be focusing on work with software and/or hardware related to computer technology. This could be help desk positions as well as website development.

Libraries, Archives, and Museums: Positions in these categories can be located in a library, archive, or museum, as well as positions that are in other divisions that would use archival and library knowledge (archiving documents for an academic department, for example).

Nonprofit/Community-based Organization: Positions working for not for profit organizations outside of UW-Madison.

Performing and Visual Arts: Positions in this category may be looking for someone to perform or create art, but they also can be for support roles relating to the administration of performing and visual arts. This could include a museum tour guide or a stage manager for a theatre performance.

Pet and House-sitting (short-term): Positions that are looking for pet and/or house sitters on a one-time basis, i.e. for a single trip out of town.

Pet and House-sitting (long-term): Positions that are looking for pet and/or house sitters on a repeating basis, i.e. weekly or daily for a semester.

STEM: Positions that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math. This could include math tutoring or a research assistant in a chemistry laboratory.

Summer Off-Campus Opportunities: This category is for summer positions that would be outside the university or may be outside of Madison. Jobs in this category may offer temporary part-time or full-time employment for a specified period over the summer prior to your return to school.