Residence Hall Facilities

Residence Hall Facilities serves to support the mission of University Housing in the residence halls and in the dinning units. Housing takes care of maintenance, capital projects, housekeeping, and life safety for the community.


  • Brainstorm ideas for new outreach activities that engage staff in risk control training
  • Creation of materials to use in equipment safety sheets and shutdown activates
  • Organization and deployment of materials for Safety Signage / Pipe Labeling
  • Work alongside members of RHF to implement UHS Room Inspections and documentation for summer programs
  • Reviewing and document Life Safety work orders to insure compliance with campus and state standard
  • Students will learn how to effectively communicate with a broad cross-section of staff members and university partners that visit our facilities
  • Students may contribute to the creation of new resources for students and staff to stay safe in our facilities
  • Students will interact with a variety of initiatives and projects on campus
  • Science communications
  • Science teaching
  • Several areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) research