Supervising Students Mini Conference

Introducing the Supervising Students Mini Conference!

Join supervisors of student-employees from across campus and our community in this thought-provoking mini-conference which will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas while engaging in a variety of topics on best practices related to supervising student-employees. The mini-conference consists of several sessions occurring November 10th-12th. You are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions provided as part of the series. All sessions will take place in a virtual setting (Blackboard Collaborate) and will be one hour in length.


  • Participate in discussion to share our perspectives and hear the perspectives of other supervisors.
  • Feel confident about helping students learn in the workplace through WiGROW conversations.
  • Meet other supervisors and learn about what they do that works to support students.


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The LGBTQ+ Student Experience

More info coming soon!

When: Tuesday, November 10th 12-1 pm

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Engaging Student Staff In A COVID Environment

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year and supporting student staff has become more complex with the changing circumstances. Join this collaborative session to discuss and brainstorm ways to engage students in their work environment whether in person or virtual.

When: Tuesday, November 10th 2:30-3:30 pm

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WiGROW In The Time of COVID

In this session, Supervisors will learn about the WiGROW program, how it works, what the role of supervisors is, and how to implement the program in a time of COVID.

When: Wednesday, November 11th 11 am-12 pm

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Introduction to Identity, Equity, and Inclusion

More info coming soon!

When: Wednesday, November 11th 1-2 pm

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Collaborative Problem Solving

It’s 2020, and we’re facing challenges we haven’t known before. Come to this session with a specific situation or problem to solve, and leave with ideas and action steps. This participatory workshop will give you a chance to look at your problem from multiple perspectives and find new ways of responding. Be prepared to brainstorm, develop ideas, and share your experiences and wisdom.

When: Wednesday, November 11th 3-4 pm

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Engaged Leaders through Employment (ELE)

As hiring managers of student employees we want to ensure we are providing students with opportunities and skills to be successful moving forward. This session will focus on the importance of developing leadership skills through employment and best practices for doing so.

When: Thursday, November 12th 10-11 am

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Being a Student in 2020

Join us as we ask a panel of student employees, “What is it like being a student in 2020?” Supervisors will get to hear the student perspectives and then come together to debrief on the session and discuss how they can best support the students they supervise.

When: Thursday, November 12th 11 am-12 pm

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Planning for What’s Next

In this workshop, attendees will have a chance to work with other supervisors to develop an action plan. Together we will identify what we are good at, who we can work with, and challenges we face in our roles as supervisors to find creative ways to keep supporting our students.

When: Thursday, November 12th 3-4 pm

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