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Working at UW-Madison is an important way to enhance your Wisconsin Experience. Plus, most UW departments offer flexible hours, a student first mindset, and are invested in your experience here at UW-Madison. To search for jobs exclusively at UW, click on the button below or simply apply the UW Student Jobs Job Type filter.

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Consider Working for UW-Madison

Get Involved on Campus

Become more involved on-campus by finding the right part-time job opportunity at UW-Madison for you! This is a great way to support your time here at Madison while gaining some key experiences to highlight on a resume.

Make Friends

New to the University? Looking to expand your social network? Working on-campus with UW-Madison is a great way to find like-minded peers to share your journey with here at UW!

Develop Critical Skills

Whether it be personal, professional, leadership, or transferable skills, they are all often a part of your UW-Madison employment experience. Develop these skills now, so you can maximize your potential later.

Explore Potential Careers

Working at UW-Madison is a great way to figure out what you love and hate about specific industries. Try your hand at something new through a part-time job and potentially discover a new passion for your future career!