Workplace Expectations

A successful student employment experience begins with an understanding of workplace policies, procedures, and expectations. While each department will have their own specific policies, here are some general tips to make an impression as a strong employee!

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Attendance, Absences, and Punctuality

Attendance at your scheduled shifts is critical to your success as a student employee! Be sure to let your manager know about any situations that will cause you to be late or miss your shift entirely. Try to limit this as much as possible by asking for time off or schedule changes well in advance.


If you have decided to leave your current position, you should give your supervisor notice of your decision at least two weeks before your last day. If you decide you want to keep or return to your job, it is at the discretion of your supervisor to hire you again.

Take Initiative

While most jobs have processes for you to follow, once you learn them you should make an effort to deliver high-quality work beyond what’s been asked for! This will help you stand out among your peers at work.

Honesty is the best Policy

In any situation, we expect student employees to be honest with their managers. This includes accurately reporting time worked and reporting any issues that arise as soon as possible.

Read Everything!

Your employer will provide you with a lot of information regarding working in their department and other human resources policies. Make sure to read all necessary documents and ask any questions that might come up.