Internal Only Student Jobs

There are UW-Madison remote-work opportunities available exclusively for current UW-Madison student employees who may be unable to work currently due to COVID19 through an Internal Student Jobs site. While there are some opportunities available currently, we are hopeful these will continue to grow in the coming days and weeks.


UW-Madison Departments/Hiring Units

To offer remote-work opportunities for current UW-Madison student employees we have implemented the Student Help Re-Deployment Initiative which will be run through the Internal Student Job Site. The purpose of the effort is intended to assist UW Divisions who have an immediate need (End of Spring as well as Summer Term) for student help and can support remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative is targeted to help re-deploy current student employees who may be unable to work remotely in their current job. To participate, you can now simply create your job posting on the Student Jobs Platform and submit for approval. Additional instructions to make your job available to students on the internal job board will be provided upon approval.

This process will remain in place until UW-Madison can resume normal operations. Only Student Help positions that have been granted an exemption from the Student Employment team will be permitted to appear on the public job board (viewable to all). Please note, all PA/TA/RA/Fellow positions are permitted to be posted publicly. We recognize that this may impact hiring to prepare for fall and will continue to evaluate the status of these provisions as we move forward. At this time, we cannot provide an estimate of when we may resume normal student help recruitment.

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