Income Continuation Options for Student Employees

UW–Madison is extending income continuation options to student employees. The following updates provide guidance for federal work-study students, students currently working remotely, and students who are no longer able to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced campus operations.

Information for federal work-study students:

  • You will receive income continuation up to the remaining value of your Federal Work-Study offer through the end of the academic term (May 23).
  • You will be paid biweekly at your highest pay rate for 10 hours per week through May 23 or until you have exhausted your total Federal Work-Study offer, whichever comes first.
  • Your payment will be delivered in the same way you’ve received previous paychecks (via direct deposit or paycheck).
  • If you are currently in a Federal Work-Study job that permits you to work remotely, please work with your immediate supervisor to continue do so at your current pay rate.

Information for student hourly employees working remotely:

We recognize that while you still may be able to work remotely, your current earnings may not represent the hours you were expecting to work this semester or be enough to meet your full income needs during this challenging time. Additional emergency funds, above and beyond your current earnings, are available to support you through the end of the academic term (May 23). Regardless of whether you filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you can access these financial resources by completing the UW–Madison Emergency Assistance Form.

Information for student hour employees who are no longer able to work:

  • You can request income replacement through a one-time grant intended to cover total lost wages from your campus student job(s) for the month of April.
  • This grant provides financial support for UW–Madison student employees who were actively working on campus prior to the change in campus operations AND who are currently unable to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The request form for the one-time income replacement grant was sent directly to all eligible students. If you do not believe you received the mail but should qualify for the grant, please contact
  • All requests will be processed within two business days.
  • There are two options to receive funds from the grant:
    • eRefund: You will receive your funds via direct deposit. This is the fastest way to receive your funds. If you’re not already enrolled, please review the instructions on the Bursar’s Office website.
    • Paper check: If you are not enrolled in eRefund, a paper check will automatically be sent to your mailing address. Please double check that your mailing address in the MyUW Student Center is correct.

Additional support resources for all students:

The following resources are available to all students regardless of work status or location during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at with immediate questions or requests for further support.

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