UW Student Jobs Platform Updates for Hiring Managers

There have been some updates to the job posting process on the UW Student Jobs platform that we want you to be aware of. Please see below for all changes that are effective immediately:

  • Job Types
    • The job types have been condensed to streamline the process for students.
    • The job type will automatically populate on the job card based on the job template selected.
    • Students will still be able to filter by job type when searching for jobs.
  • Remote Work Eligibility Field
    • The posting location has been repurposed and is now titled Remote Work Eligibility.
    • Hiring mangers will need to select whether the job is all remote, partially remote, or not remote. Applicants can now filter by this field when job searching and will also help them easily identify if the job is remote or not.
    • In the advertisement text section there is a new remote eligibility section. Here hiring managers may explain more in depth if the job is partially remote and what that means or if the job would be in person but is contingent on Fall operations resuming.
  • Approval Radio Buttons
    • While Vice Chancellor or Dean approval is still needed to recruit and hire student employees at this time, this no longer needs to be selected on the job card.
  • Accelerated Application-Personal Information Only
    • This application has been retitled to UW General Application (Personal Information Only)
    • This is still the same application as before just retitled. This application is typically used if you only want to collect personal information or are looking to build a custom application with customized questions.
  • Student Onboarding portal
    • The student onboarding portal has been updated to include additional resources for new student employees.
    • The student onboarding portal can be accessed by students once they have been sent and accepted a job offer through the UW Student Jobs Platform. If hiring managers have not utilized this functionality yet, we would encourage you to try it out.

Lastly, we are excited to share that we have a new resource on our website for hiring managers to assist in providing support to student employees who may be working virtually. Check out our website for this information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at student.employment@finaid.wisc.edu.