The More You Know!

This section features campus student employment data to help our community understand key trends and how they might impact the student employment experience.

Most student employees have previous work experience before attending UW*

  • 86% of students working on campus have previous work experience before attending UW-Madison. This might include babysitting, working at a restaurant, grocery store, or family business in one’s hometown.
  • What does this mean? This number is certainly encouraging for our campus community. With most of our employees having jobs before engaging in campus employment, they likely have already been exposed to many of the intricacies and challenges that come with working. They also have likely engaged in on the job learning, practicing key transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking and decision making. 
  • WiGROW is a campus initiative designed to continue this engagement and learning of student employees at UW. Supervisors and student employees engage in intentional, reflective conversations each semester, providing students an opportunity to consider connections between their on-campus employment, career goals, and college experience. Learn more on how to get started! 
*Data from 2021 Student Employment Survey